I Tried Following a Madeyewlook Tutorial!

For my newest YouTube video, I wanted to try my hand at the “I tried [insert beauty guru here]’s makeup tutorial” trend. I was torn between whether I wanted to do a standard beauty guru makeup look with falsies and the works or try doing a horror character makeup. The followers voted in my poll, and in the end horror makeup triumphed! Almost immediately I had the perfect YouTuber in mind.

In the video, I attempt to follow Madeyewlook’s “Evil Jester Makeup Tutorial.” I wanted to do a horror look that wasn’t a traditional monster like a zombie or a vampire, and specifically a colorful character that took over the entire face. Funnily enough, the character Alexys paints herself up as is from a show I’ve been watching (and enjoying!) lately – Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? The character in question is called the Ghastly Grinner, a Joker-esque villain who makes people laugh and vomit up blue slime just by looking into their eyes. Pretty scary stuff! It’s personally one of my favorite episodes in the series, next to “The Tale of the Dollmaker” and “The Tale of the Midnight Madness.”

In the end, I think the makeup came out all right, not perfect by any means. I’m still teaching myself how to do character makeup, especially characters with wrinkles and heavy shading like the Ghastly Grinner. Maybe someday I’ll come back to this look and try it again!

Product list is below the cut.

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Music Monday #2: myuuji

I’m a huge fan of indie horror music composers. Adrian von Ziegler, Derek and Brandon Fiechter, In Dark Solitude… I love them all, so much that I’ve made an exhaustive playlist on Spotify of all my favorite spooky music. I do a lot of horror writing in my spare time so I’m always looking for that next amazing piece of dark ambient music to help me get into the vibe of the dark, scary worlds I write about.

I came across the myuuji channel while looking for even more writing background music – because simply I can never have enough. I like pieces that are dark and playful while keeping a foreboding, creepy tone. So pretty much, the kind of music to give you goosebumps and inspire you. Luckily, I stumbled across “Play With Me”, which perfectly fit the bill for the kind of music I was looking for. The description describes the piece as “a creepy Toy Story”, and I couldn’t agree more! I’ll be sure to check out more of Myuu’s music now that I’ve subscribed to his channel!

Favorite songs: “Bittersweet”, “The End is Always Near”, “Creepy Clown Symphony”, “Carnival Freaks”, “Facing Darkness”, “Evil Returns.”


My Halloween Horror Nights Collection, Part One!

Earlier today I uploaded part one of my Halloween Horror Nights collection videos! I had the idea to make a video about my collection for a very long time now, so I’m super excited to share these videos with everyone! I’ve been collecting Halloween Horror Nights merchandise for nine years now, and my collection is still growing to this very day! Most of my stuff is from 2006 and after, but I’ve had my eye set on a few “retro” HHN items as well.

I’ll be uploading part two on Friday – it’s already been filmed and edited! That video will show all twenty-nine (yes, twenty-nine… I thought it was more, to be honest) of my HHN shirts, including a rare one from 1998! Stay tuned, because I still have lots to show!

Music Monday #1: Something Rotten!

To keep my blog’s content fresh I’m going to start writing about all the music I’ve been getting into lately! Like the title says, I’ll be posting these every Monday. Keep in mind I’ve got a pretty expansive music taste, so I like anything from Broadway musicals to the heaviest of metal!

This first Music Monday is about the Something Rotten Original Broadway Cast Recording. Read below the cut for what I thought about this not a Seussical Musical!

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Catching Up

Wow, I haven’t wrote anything for this blog in a long time! I’ve been quite busy with personal things and acquainting myself with new people, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to stop and write anything new. I haven’t even gotten around to writing a full review of HHN 27 (and I know I owe part 3 of my HHN 26 review, which I still having sitting in my drafts), but I promise I will begin writing it when the time is right. Of course, I don’t want my blog to just be about Halloween Horror Nights, so I’ve got a whole slew of article ideas sitting in my phone at the moment, including a retrospective of an obscure Broadway musical from the 1980s about Raggedy Ann that I’d say is about 75% done. So stay tuned, because I’m not abandoning this blog anytime soon!

P.S.: I’ve decided to rename the blog from Gothy & Geeky to just Katy Horror! I’ve also updated my About and FAQ pages. Happy reading!

Halloween Horror Nights 27 House Hype

Halloween Horror Nights 27 is right around the corner! I’ve already bought my Frequent Fear pass this year and booked a trip to attend opening weekend, from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th. It’s the first time I’ve ever attended opening night of Halloween Horror Nights so I’m pretty excited to be one of the first to see all the houses and scarezones (well, not really, but pretty close)! In this post I’ll be ranking all the houses in order of most anticipated to least anticipated.

Click here to read my scarezone and shows hype.

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