Cult of Chucky

2017 looks like it’ll be a pretty horrific (lol, pun) year in terms of films. With new horror films being released such as The Bye Bye Man, A Cure for Wellness, and many others down the line, it appears that we’ll also see the return of many classic horror movie killers, like Jigsaw (well, his ‘legacy’ at least), Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and one of my favorite slashers of all time, Charles Lee Ray, known infamously as Chucky.

Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos who absolutely adores Chucky. Hell, I have a giant Tiffany doll from Spencer’s in my closet right now, and I used to watch Bride of Chucky religiously in middle school. And Chucky was even the reason why I started attending Halloween Horror Nights! Something drew me in to the pint-sized terror I used to be so scared of when I was little. Maybe it was Brad Dourif’s sarcastic delivery of crude one-liners coming out of a child’s plaything, or maybe because Chucky himself is just so damn cute, even with all those stitches and cuts. I mean really, I’d hug him.

Excuse me now I’m just being weird

So naturally, being the Chucky devotee that I am, I’m really excited for Cult of Chucky. According to Entertainment Weekly’s article, Cult will be a follow-up to Curse of Chucky (YAY!). I rather liked Curse of Chucky, especially Fiona Dourif’s character Nica. I really wanted to know what happened to her after the events of Curse, and it looks like Cult will give us our answer. Apparently, she’s been in the asylum for the past four years (fitting since Curse was released four years ago, in 2013) and has been led to believe that she killed her family. And for some weird reason or another, a Good Guys doll is being used during the asylum’s group sessions, and… well, we all know where the story’s going to go from there. And it looks like Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) will assist Nica escape from the Curse of Chucky, with Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) hot on their heels. Ooohhh…

Now, here’s a few thoughts I have:

  • Why is the film called Cult of Chucky? Will the patients of the asylum become devoted to Chucky and his ‘practices?’ Maybe the Heart of Damballa or even the voodoo spirit from the first film has a role in the ‘cult.’
  • Is Tiffany still inhabiting Jennifer Tilly’s body? I’m going to assume so, but I still feel like Curse didn’t necessarily answer that question.
  • What’s up with Glen and Glenda? Then again, they probably won’t be brought up in this film.
  • How’s Alice (the little girl from Curse) doing? Didn’t her grandma die in Curse?
  • Will Chucky have a new look? Scars or no scars?
  • Will Tiffany become a doll again? The plot summary says “(she) will do anything, no matter how deadly or depraved, to help her beloved devil doll.”

Suppose I’ll find out when Cult of Chucky comes out this fall!



Author: theusherette

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