Monsterrific Makeups

Syfy’s Face Off recently did a Monster High themed challenge! Being a huge fan of the Monster High franchise, I weigh in on the seven looks featured in the new episode.

#1. Venus McFlytrap (Gage and Rachel)


Venus looked pretty identical to her doll from a distance, but the makeup had some minor inconsistencies. Venus’s skin tone was a bit too much of a bright green, rather than the lighter, minty shade she has, and I wasn’t a fan of the pink, painted-on eyebrows. Her beauty makeup is a bit on the clunky side, but this might be because of the big false lashes that were chosen for her look. Her teeth looked pretty good; thin and sharp, just as Venus’s are. I also liked how Cat and Niko used a bald cap to convey the shaved-off side of Venus’s, and her fashion is pretty spot-on.

Final verdict: More scary than scary-cute, but this look got the job done.

#2. Lagoona Blue (Cig and George)


Wow! I absolutely loved the refreshing, new take on Lagoona’s character. I was initially skeptical that Cig and George were taking the monster/creature route a bit too seriously, but in the end this worked to their advantage! Her hair is beautiful and screams Lagoona’s personality; it reminds me of her “Dawn of the Dance” look. Her metallic blue-and-green color scheme is very pretty, even more so when this makeup was shown in close-up shots. Special attention was given to her fins and scales, making this daughter of the Sea Monster one of my favorite looks and well worth the win.

Final verdict: Freaky fabulous and fishy!

(And it always seems like Cig and George do the fish-inspired makeups… lol.)

#3. Clawdeen Wolf (Cat and Niko)


I wasn’t too crazy about Clawdeen’s look. While I’ll admit she did look more werewolf than human, I feel like the execution of this makeup read more off as ‘drag queen dressed as a werewolf’ than ‘cute werewolf girl’. Her eyes are that pretty green-yellow shade suitable for a werewolf, and her nose does indeed appear more wolf-like. However, Clawdeen’s face looked a little rough, mainly due to the paint job; it barely scratches the blackface surface when it comes to how muddy the colors look. The fur on her arms seemed to be tacked-on, and it’s sad to see that the fur transfer process didn’t work all that well for Cat and Niko. Like Venus, however, the fashion and hair choices worked perfectly for Clawdeen.

Final verdict: This wolf looks ready to howl at the moon, but is she ready for her full transformation?

#4. Abbey Bominable (Adam and Logan)


Out of all the featured makeups this episode, Abbey’s was unfortunately my least favorite. I understand that Adam and Logan were trying to go for a different approach with Abbey’s look, but their decisions did not scream Abbey at all. The simian nose was an interesting choice, as it was revealed that Abbey is more Yeti than human, but like mentioned in the episode, it’s hard to make a simian nose look cute. It didn’t quite suit the model’s face either. The skin tone was very pale and flat, and how come they didn’t do anything about her cute little tusks? And the choice of contact lenses make her eyes appear bloodshot and not animalistic. But, one thing I absolutely loved about Abbey’s look was her cute Yeti bag!! I want one.

Final verdict: She’s better off hiding in an igloo than walking the halls of Monster High. 😦

#5. Skelita Calaveras (Ben and Evan)


Skelita looked adorable! I’m a huge fan of the bone transfers Ben and Evan did on Skelita’s ams and hands; it’s hard to make a human appear skeletal through prosthetics and makeup, but Skelita surely looked like the real deal! Her gaunt, skeletal facial structure was clean and almost appeared natural, while her sugar skull-inspired makeup was cute and PACKED with glitter! The only criticism I have is that I wished the designs on her face (mainly the circles around her eyes) were bolder and more noticeable to someone who could be looking at this makeup from a distance. But nevertheless, Skelita was another favorite makeup of mine!

Final verdict: Skelita looks fashionable and ready for the Day of the Dead!

#6. Cleo DeNile (Keaghlan and Melissa)


While Keaghlan and Melissa’s look for Cleo was initially not one of my favorites, my thoughts changed once they decided to discard her original face prosthetic – a good decision in the end. After all, Cleo is one of the most fashionable and prettiest Ghouls in Monster High! I liked Cleo’s beauty makeup, especially the gold false eyelashes, as well as the bandages on her arm and leg. The hieroglyphics on her arm are so intricate and detailed! I also liked her clothes and like Lagoona, her hair reminded me of her “Dawn of the Dance” look! I think it’s the blue streaks that’s doing it for me. I feel like if the beauty makeup was a bit softer I would like this look a bit more, but Keaghlan and Melissa did a great job!

Final verdict: Oh my Ra, she’s pretty!

#7. Draculaura (Emily and Tyler)


If a Monster High live-action film were to be made anytime soon (and supposedly Universal Pictures had one planned a while ago), this is what Draculaura would look like! This look literally screams Draculaura in real life. Her skin tone is perfectly pink, as well as her beauty makeup and beauty mark! I also liked the bat wings on her collarbones; I’m not up to date with the ‘reboot’ of Monster High that happened a few months ago, but I know that apparently now that Draculaura can turn into a bat. I’m also really happy that Tyler and Emily went for Draculaura’s “Sweet 1600” look. I happen to own the doll myself and they nailed her hair and costume! She’s my Gothic Lolita/Victorian Gothic/Pastel Goth dream come true (pardon for sounding Tumblr-ish) and I’m glad that the focus group liked her!

Final verdict: Drop dead gorgeous!!



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