Spooky Empire Retro Trip Report

Much fun was had at Spooky Empire Retro this past weekend! Read my trip report for the details.

On Saturday, we checked into the Wyndham on International Drive at around 12:30 in the afternoon, and luckily, our room was ready! We were in building 11, which was close to the Conference Center, the pool, and a Wawa gas station. This made going to and from the event a breeze. Once we got to our room, I got into my full Lydia Deetz cosplay (I did my hair and makeup back at home), which I need to add, I did have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at the last minute. The zipper on the back of the costume broke off and I wasn’t able to fix it in time, so in the end I just used safety pins to secure the back. The costume still looked amazing though!

We then walked over to the Conference Center, bought our tickets, and received our orange wristbands and guidebooks. When I arrive at Spooky Empire, the first thing I do is check out the vendors’ room, and this time around, there were two! There was one on the main floor like last year’s Retro event, and then another one right by the panel room downstairs. I always love visiting the artists and seeing what they have to offer. From kitschy paintings of cats dressed like Marvel superheroes and horror movie characters to scented ‘Mummy Dust’ candles and even coffin jewelry boxes, I always manage to find something that tickles my fancy. This time around, I got:

  • Two Ghost live performance DVDs – one was the Rock in Rio show from 2013, and the other was the Hard Rock Live show I went to last year!
  • A Darth Vader portrait, as well as Darth Vader and Beetlejuice magnets from DrexNINE Studios.
  • A skeleton lady cameo necklace from Luna Moon Gothic Jewelry.
  • A print of the HHN Icons, and a postcard of The Usher from Shelby Denham Art.

Of course, I ran into some amazing cosplayers during my time at Spooky Empire, such as Ash from The Evil Dead movies, a Homecoming Queen from HHN’s Vamp 55, and not one, but two Papa Emeritus II cosplayers!



I also attended some of the panels, such as the panel with the cast of Rob Zombie’s Halloween films and Zach Galligan’s Q&A. All of the celebrities told amazing stories about their experiences with being involved in some of the most well-known horror films, and it’s interesting to hear them answer fan questions.


(Pictured: Tyler Mane [Michael Myers] and Scout Taylor-Compton [Laurie Strode] from Rob Zombie’s Halloween films.)


(Pictured: Zach Galligan from Gremlins.)

I had a wonderful time at Spooky Empire Retro and I can’t wait for the Halloween weekend event in October!


Author: Katy Horror

A spooky nerd who has always remembered to believe in the magic.

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