A New York Road Trip in Pictures

This past week, my family and I embarked on a road trip from Florida to New York! We passed through quite a few states and although we didn’t do a lot of sight-seeing, it was interesting to pass by places I’ve never been to before. Here’s a few pictures I took with my iPhone during the trip!



Leaving Florida. It felt so weird yet satisfying to leave the state I live in.


A (possibly abandoned?) bridge in Georgia.


South of the Border, a Mexican styled themed tourist trap. Aptly titled since it lays on the border between South and North Carolina. I remember staying at the hotel here when I was five years old, going on a road trip from New York to Disney World with my parents.


A woodsy rest stop in North Carolina.


A sign for the Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia. Hoping to go here someday!


The Washington Monument from the highway in Washington, D.C. My brother claimed he saw the top of the White House!


The Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Once we arrived in New York, we stayed at a family friend’s house in Deer Park. I got to do quite a few things in Long Island, including attending a block party, visiting my paternal grandmother’s and my maternal uncle’s graves, passing by my childhood home and elementary school in Mastic, and last but not least, I got to go into New York City and attend my first Broadway show! You can read my review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory here.


Adventureland theme park in Long Island. It’s not the same one in the Kristen Stewart movie.


An advertisement for Cats (one of my favorite musicals) at the Lindenhurst Train Station.


The Richard Rodgers theatre, where Hamilton plays!


Times Square.


Shubert Alley. It’s like I-4, but with Broadway posters instead of Orlando theme park billboards. You can see the entrance to One Shubert Alley, one of my favorite theatre gift shops. I got a Cats t-shirt and a Lights of Broadway trading card pack here!


An awesome photo collage at the Majestic theatre, where The Phantom of the Opera plays. I’ll come here and see the show when they replace the current actor playing The Phantom (Google it).

And here’s a few pictures I took on the way back to Florida!


We (accidentally) drove into the City on the way back, so here’s a picture of the City from the highway! It sort of reminds me of the old Streets of America at Hollywood Studios.


Crossing into New Jersey, we saw the Statue of Liberty (from a distance) from the highway! I had never seen the Statue of Liberty before (despite living in New York for six years), so this was really cool to see. She’s a bit hard to find – look in between the two electrical poles.


And we’re back in Florida!



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