Hi, I’m Katy. You may know me in the Halloween Horror Nights fan community as The Usherette. I’m a twenty one year old freelance writer and photographer from Spring Hill, Florida. I am also a former Universal Orlando Team Member, having worked Operations at Halloween Horror Nights and Attractions at Universal Studios Florida.

I created Gothy & Geeky to express myself and my interests and hobbies. Writing is a huge passion of mine, and since I’d love to be a professional writer someday, Gothy & Geeky is my place to start. With my interest in horror films, musical theatre, makeup, theme parks, and fandoms, this blog has become a melting pot for anything that this spooky nerd loves.

When I’m not blogging or otherwise wasting my time scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, I also enjoy playing around in Photoshop, cuddling with my Cavachon puppy Misty, crying over a pseudo-Satanic band, adding things I can’t afford to my Amazon wish list, and anxiously awaiting the next year’s Halloween Horror Nights.