Catching Up

Wow, I haven’t wrote anything for this blog in a long time! I’ve been quite busy with personal things and acquainting myself with new people, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to stop and write anything new. I haven’t even gotten around to writing a full review of HHN 27 (and I know I owe part 3 of my HHN 26 review, which I still having sitting in my drafts), but I promise I will begin writing it when the time is right. Of course, I don’t want my blog to just be about Halloween Horror Nights, so I’ve got a whole slew of article ideas sitting in my phone at the moment, including a retrospective of an obscure Broadway musical from the 1980s about Raggedy Ann that I’d say is about 75% done. So stay tuned, because I’m not abandoning this blog anytime soon!

P.S.: I’ve decided to rename the blog from Gothy & Geeky to just Katy Horror! I’ve also updated my About and FAQ pages. Happy reading!


Halloween Horror Nights 27 House Hype

Halloween Horror Nights 27 is right around the corner! I’ve already bought my Frequent Fear pass this year and booked a trip to attend opening weekend, from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th. It’s the first time I’ve ever attended opening night of Halloween Horror Nights so I’m pretty excited to be one of the first to see all the houses and scarezones (well, not really, but pretty close)! In this post I’ll be ranking all the houses in order of most anticipated to least anticipated.

Click here to read my scarezone and shows hype.

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HHN 27 Scarezones and Shows Speculation

Also posted on my Halloween Horror Nights Tumblr blog.

Scarezones were announced today so here’s my brief two cents on each of them, in addition to this year’s shows.

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A New York Road Trip in Pictures

This past week, my family and I embarked on a road trip from Florida to New York! We passed through quite a few states and although we didn’t do a lot of sight-seeing, it was interesting to pass by places I’ve never been to before. Here’s a few pictures I took with my iPhone during the trip!

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Broadway Review

Last night (that would be July 11th, 2017), I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre with a family friend of mine. We had to bolt to the Lunt-Fontanne since our train ran a little late, plus my friend insisted we had dinner in Hell’s Kitchen before the show. Thankfully, since our restaurant was three blocks away from the theatre, we arrived with a few minutes to spare. I got my Playbill, began to thumb through it excitedly, and found out through a nice little paper insert that Christian Borle’s understudy, Paul Slade Smith, would be playing Willy Wonka at our performance. I was a little disappointed since I wanted to see Charlie primarily for Christian Borle.

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