La La Land is Pure Magic

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. The overly-commercialized holiday when hearts of pink and white are everywhere and giant, two-foot-tall teddy bears lay in the aisles of Walmart. I’m not the kind of person who’s keen on romance, or romantic films for that matter, but today I got the chance to see a film that’s been sweeping award ceremonies and earning praises from critics and musical lovers alike: La La Land.

Warning: That be spoilers ahead.

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Cult of Chucky

2017 looks like it’ll be a pretty horrific (lol, pun) year in terms of films. With new horror films being released such as The Bye Bye Man, A Cure for Wellness, and many others down the line, it appears that we’ll also see the return of many classic horror movie killers, like Jigsaw (well, his ‘legacy’ at least), Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and one of my favorite slashers of all time, Charles Lee Ray, known infamously as Chucky.

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Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher

When I woke up earlier this afternoon, I checked my phone to see that some of my friends in a group chat I’m in were talking about a recent event that they considered to be ‘one of the worst things to ever happen in 2016’. My heart immediately dropped to my stomach as I was instantly reminded of what happened to Carrie Fisher last week; she had a heart attack on a flight back from London and was reported to be in critical (later stable) condition. I seriously thought that she would make it out all right, knowing that she had survived plenty throughout her life. But when I Googled Carrie’s name, my suspicions and fear were proven to be true. Today, we lost a Star Wars legend, a hilarious comedienne, a witty writer, and most importantly, an inspiration.

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