I Tried Following a Madeyewlook Tutorial!

For my newest YouTube video, I wanted to try my hand at the “I tried [insert beauty guru here]’s makeup tutorial” trend. I was torn between whether I wanted to do a standard beauty guru makeup look with falsies and the works or try doing a horror character makeup. The followers voted in my poll, and in the end horror makeup triumphed! Almost immediately I had the perfect YouTuber in mind.

In the video, I attempt to follow Madeyewlook’s “Evil Jester Makeup Tutorial.” I wanted to do a horror look that wasn’t a traditional monster like a zombie or a vampire, and specifically a colorful character that took over the entire face. Funnily enough, the character Alexys paints herself up as is from a show I’ve been watching (and enjoying!) lately – Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? The character in question is called the Ghastly Grinner, a Joker-esque villain who makes people laugh and vomit up blue slime just by looking into their eyes. Pretty scary stuff! It’s personally one of my favorite episodes in the series, next to “The Tale of the Dollmaker” and “The Tale of the Midnight Madness.”

In the end, I think the makeup came out all right, not perfect by any means. I’m still teaching myself how to do character makeup, especially characters with wrinkles and heavy shading like the Ghastly Grinner. Maybe someday I’ll come back to this look and try it again!

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My Favorite Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Recently, I have made the decision to purchase all cruelty-free products (this includes not just makeup, but also hair and skin products). Animal testing is unfortunately still a standard practice used by very well-known brands, including Maybelline, Suave, and Benefit, to name a few of the brands I have decided to stop using. While it will take a bit of patience and time to completely replace whatever non cruelty-free products I have, here’s a few of my cruelty-free favorites that I already own.

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