Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Broadway Review

Last night (that would be July 11th, 2017), I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre with a family friend of mine. We had to bolt to the Lunt-Fontanne since our train ran a little late, plus my friend insisted we had dinner in Hell’s Kitchen before the show. Thankfully, since our restaurant was three blocks away from the theatre, we arrived with a few minutes to spare. I got my Playbill, began to thumb through it excitedly, and found out through a nice little paper insert that Christian Borle’s understudy, Paul Slade Smith, would be playing Willy Wonka at our performance. I was a little disappointed since I wanted to see Charlie primarily for Christian Borle.

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Fairytales of Revenge: 7th Story Märchen by Sound Horizon


Dark retellings of classic fairytales may currently be all the rage, but there’s one story that rivals among them all. Sound Horizon’s seventh story album Märchen (German for fairytale) is a unique experience that combines some of your favorite fairytales (and some you may not know about), the Seven Deadly Sins, and the struggle between impulse and rationality into a new tale of revenge and retribution.

Now, let the stage play of revenge begin!

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La La Land is Pure Magic

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. The overly-commercialized holiday when hearts of pink and white are everywhere and giant, two-foot-tall teddy bears lay in the aisles of Walmart. I’m not the kind of person who’s keen on romance, or romantic films for that matter, but today I got the chance to see a film that’s been sweeping award ceremonies and earning praises from critics and musical lovers alike: La La Land.

Warning: That be spoilers ahead.

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