My Halloween Horror Nights Collection, Part Two!

Part two of my Halloween Horror Nights Orlando collection videos has been uploaded! Shirts, shirts, shirts! Hope you enjoy it.


My Halloween Horror Nights Collection, Part One!

Earlier today I uploaded part one of my Halloween Horror Nights collection videos! I had the idea to make a video about my collection for a very long time now, so I’m super excited to share these videos with everyone! I’ve been collecting Halloween Horror Nights merchandise for nine years now, and my collection is still growing to this very day! Most of my stuff is from 2006 and after, but I’ve had my eye set on a few “retro” HHN items as well.

I’ll be uploading part two on Friday – it’s already been filmed and edited! That video will show all twenty-nine (yes, twenty-nine… I thought it was more, to be honest) of my HHN shirts, including a rare one from 1998! Stay tuned, because I still have lots to show!

Halloween Horror Nights 27 House Hype

Halloween Horror Nights 27 is right around the corner! I’ve already bought my Frequent Fear pass this year and booked a trip to attend opening weekend, from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th. It’s the first time I’ve ever attended opening night of Halloween Horror Nights so I’m pretty excited to be one of the first to see all the houses and scarezones (well, not really, but pretty close)! In this post I’ll be ranking all the houses in order of most anticipated to least anticipated.

Click here to read my scarezone and shows hype.

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HHN 27 Scarezones and Shows Speculation

Also posted on my Halloween Horror Nights Tumblr blog.

Scarezones were announced today so here’s my brief two cents on each of them, in addition to this year’s shows.

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TBT: Working at HHN 26

What’s it like working as a haunted house attendant at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights? In this Throwback Thursday, I elaborate upon I spent my haunt season rubbing shoulders with Michael Myers and working at the nation’s premier Halloween event.

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Katy’s Take on HHN 26, Pt. 2

This post will cover my reviews of the Krampus, Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield, Tomb of the Ancients, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Lunatics Playground: You Won’t Stand a Chance 3-D houses.

Here’s part one if you haven’t read it yet! And yes, I have finally utilized the ‘read more’ tag. I didn’t realize my long ramblings were cluttering up my blog a bit, lol.

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